Shakthi who entered filmdom with Thottal Poo Malarum directed by his father P Vasu, Later films like Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar, Aattanayagann failed to impress, but he did a remarkable role in Ninaithale Inikkum.
After these Shakthi started to make specila appearances in films like KO, Yuvan Yuvathi.
Now the actor has signed multiple projects like Vanjikottai Valiban, Etho Seithai Ennai, Kalla Siripazhaga, Enna Solla Pogirai.
But sources say that Etho Seithai Ennai will mark Shakthi‘s Comeback and will create a standard position for him.
Etho Seithai Ennai is directed by Ezhilarasan with music by Ganesh Kumar where new face Liya plays the female lead.

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50 crore for Mani Ratnam’s next?


Master filmmaker Mani Ratnam is known for creating magic on screen; and with the combined cost of his three versions of ‘Raavan’ touching `100 crore, the director has proved that he can make big budget flicks work too. However, the surprise is that his current project ‘Kadal’ is made with a budget of a whopping `50 crore. This, even though it stars debutants, Gautham Karthik and Tulasi Nair, in lead roles.
The film’s co-scribe B Jeyamohan, confirms, “The film is being made on a huge budget of `50 crore. This gives us a lot of creative freedom while scripting for such a film.” The noted writer, who also has a few Mollywood projects in his bag, says both he and Mani had discussed four films they could do together earlier before zeroing in on Kadal.
“This could be the first time Mani is shooting the entire film against a rural setting,” says Jeyamohan. Then why such a huge budget, you may ask. To which, Jeyamohan simply says, “It’s a Mani Ratnam film!”

Hero Nani to have a November wedding

Nani, who got engaged to his girlfriend of five years, Anjana, is one happy man. Speaking to Hyderabad Times, the actor says, “We exchanged rings in a simple ceremony in Vizag that was attended by both our families. The date of my marriage will be announced in a couple of days… it will most probably be held in November.”

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The Cold Light of Day (film)

Will Shaw arrives in Spain from San Francisco for a holiday he really doesn’t want. He is picked up by his father, Martin, who works in various different countries for the government. In the evening, phone calls put Will in a bad mood and he decides to go fishing the next day. Will is still preoccupied with the phone calls, resulting in an accident which causes his brother’s girlfriend to be hit on the side of the head by the sail. Will decides to swim into town to fetch medicine.

When he swims back, the ship has gone and he finds it abandoned. He runs to a local police station where the officer in charge finds out his name and makes a phone call, before asking Will to take him to the ship. They are met there by Zahir, who knows where Will’s family is and invites him to show him the way, but Will decides to escape in the police car but doesn’t get far. He crashes into a tree and is almost killed until Martin shows up and escapes with him. He reveals he is a CIA agent and that the people who have taken their family are after a briefcase he took. He calls his partner who agrees to meet him in Madrid. They go to the meeting and Will stays in the car while Martin talks to his partner, Jean, who says that she doesn’t have the briefcase anymore. He doesn’t believe her and thinks something isn’t right. As he returns to the car, a sniper murders Martin and Will is attacked by a man. Will barely escapes but the man follows him through the streets of Madrid. After escaping, he has no money and decides to hide his dad’s gun in the trash.

Going to the U.S Embassy, Will discovers that he is wanted for killing a police officer which he denies, but they are not interested in finding his family. The Embassy then tells him someone wants to meet him. Jean and Martin’s contact, Diego, waits for him and says she wants to help. He doesn’t trust her and fakes illness to escape. Looking through his father’s phone, he sees that Diego’s name comes up several times and calls it. He also gets a call from the kidnappers who want to speak to “Tom” and say they want the briefcase in exchange for his family. The kidnappers give Will a deadline and meeting point. During this call Will speaks to his mum and tells her Martin was killed.

He arrives at Diego’s office and speaks to the girl who he spoke to on the phone, Lucia. Suddenly, Diego appears and fights with Will, who kills him. Lucia and Will go to her uncle’s apartment but find out that Jean and her hitman Gorman have killed her uncle. Will finds and confronts Jean and her hitman Gorman in the kitchen. She wants him to follow her but is interrupted by Lucia coming in. They escape through the rooftops and Will is shot. She takes him to a nightclub where her friend has medical experience without going to a hospital. Will also finds out that Tom is Martin’s alias in Spain, and that Lucia is his half sister.

Will recovers and goes to a meeting with the kidnapper on the phone. The man on the phone is Zahir who initially beats up Will for information. Once he realises Will really is ignorant of what is happening, he tells him the truth. The briefcase was stolen from a Mossad agent by Martin. Zahir is an Israeli agent determined to recover the case. He realises that Jean is the corrupt agent, not Martin and she wants to sell the contents of the case. He decides to use Will to lure out Jean and the buyers of the briefcase. Zahir shows Will’s family saying he must do as he says, and this must succeed or the family will be released and Jean will kill them.

Will has a plan to lure out Jean by using Lucia’s credit card at the club. This lures out Gorman who is subdued by the bouncers at the club and tortured for information. Gorman gives nothing away and Will’s next plan is to make him think he has escaped so they can follow him. This works and they follow him to Jean, who then lead them to an underground car park. The Israeli agents follow but a noise spooks Jean who kills the buyers and tries to escape. Gorman is killed trying to escape in his car and Will and Lucia then pursue Jean. After a pursuit through Madrid, the roles are reversed and Jean chases them due to her frustration in their interference. The cars then collide and Will’s car is worse off. Just as Jean is about to deliver the final blow, she is taken out by Zahir, who retrieves the briefcase.

As Lucia recovers in hospital, she also meets her new half family, and Will is offered a job in the CIA. He subsequently returns to San Francisco and starts a new company. Martin is officially cleared and posthumously awarded for bravery in the line of duty. Zahir and his group of insurgents are arrested on charges of murder and espionage.

Directed by Mabrouk El Mechri
Produced by Marc D. Evans
Trevor Macy
Kevin Mann
Written by Scott Wiper
John Petro
Richard Price
Starring Henry Cavill
Bruce Willis
Sigourney Weaver
Caroline Goodall
Rafi Gavron
Jim Piddock
Paloma Bloyd
Music by Lucas Vidal
Cinematography Remi Adefarasin
Editing by Valerio Bonelli
Studio Intrepid Pictures
Distributed by Summit Entertainment
Release date(s)
  • April 6, 2012 (United Kingdom)
  • September 7, 2012 (United States)
Running time 93 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $10,968,746

National Start Eating Healthy Day November 2, 2011

The American Heart Association has designated November 2nd as National Start Eating Healthy Day.  This is a great event, especially considering the prevalence of heart disease in our country.  Aim for just one small healthy change today.  Long-term lifestyle change is achieved by small, consistent steps towards your goal.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Diet

  1. Eat three fruits every day.  Keep a bowl of fruit on hand to satisfy those sugar cravings.
  2. Add beans to your diet.  Black bean soup, bean burritos, red beans and rice and bean dip are examples.
  3. Increase your vegetable intake.  Double up veggies at your evening meal.  Add sliced tomatoes to your lunch.  Snack on raw vegetables.
  4. Stop eating when you are satisfied. Be aware of portion sizes—most restaurant meals could feed two people.  Take leftovers home for another meal.
  5. Eat whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals.
  6. Enjoy two sources of low-fat dairy products every day: milk, yogurt and cheese are examples.
  7. Use olive oil or canola oil.
  8. Limit saturated fat.  Read the labels.  Remember that fatty meats, cheeses, butter and whole milk products have large amounts of saturated fat.
  9. Eat three meals every day. People who skip meals tend to make up the calories anyway.
  10. Drink more water.  Plain water.  It’s caffeine and calorie free.

My personal goal is to drink more water.  Contrary to basic human needs, I just don’t love drinking fluids!  Staying better hydrated is definitely something I need to work on.  Are you planning to make any changes today?